Building Regulations

Our windows & doors conform to Building Regulations Part L when glazed using sealed units with a U Value of 1.0W/m²K or better. If you are an installer and Fensa registered, as a general rule you will not need to apply for planning permission through your local Authority. However, if you are not Fensa registered (DIY) you will need to apply through Building Control, see notes below.

Notifying your Local Authority

You must obtain planning permission from your local authority if you are altering or extending your property in any way. Before you install any replacement glazing, check to see if the work must be notified to Building Control:

General: Where windows and doors are completely replaced (as opposed to repaired) in existing dwellings, they must comply with the relevant Building Regulations. This applies regardless of whether the installation work is being installed by a company or as a DIY project.

Where windows and doors are to be replaced (but, not where they are to be repaired only, as repair work does not fall within the definition of building work) the replacement work should comply with the requirements of part L and N of schedule 1 of the Building Regulations. In addition once the work has been completed, the building should not have a lesser level of compliance with all other applicable parts of schedule 1.

This means all replacement windows and doors must comply with Approved Documents N (Safety Glazing) and L (Thermal Insulation). Other elements of the Building Regulations A (Structure), F (Ventilation), B (Means of escape), J (Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems), M (Access) must not be made worse by the replacement installation.

To ensure an installer has not created a lesser level of compliance against the Building Regulations, the installer must collect evidence of the features of the original installation. This is particularly appropriate for Approved Document B Fire where the original windows egress ability will determine the compliance of the replacement window.

Flats: For certain properties including flats, maisonettes, buildings in conservation areas , some local authorities do require planning permission before changing the windows. FENSA advises that the homeowner check with the relevant local authority Planning Department before entering into a contract. Once planning permission is granted a FENSA registered installer can register the installation for certification purposes.

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